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Pet Allergy Treatment

When your pet has skin irritation and can't seem to stop scratching, they may be suffering from allergies. At Pearson Animal Hospital in San Marcos, we see all types of dermatology issues with dogs and cats that stem from an allergic reaction. If you believe your pet has allergies, it's time to bring your pet in for an evaluation.

Symptoms Of Allergies In Dogs And Cats

Dogs and cats are similar to humans in that they will cough, sneeze and have watery eyes when experiencing allergy symptoms. The allergen can be just about anything, from pollen to food, and your pet can't tell you how they are feeling. When you notice that your pet continually scratches their skin from irritation, leaving bare patches of skin, it's time to investigate the rash further. Pets don't know when to stop scratching and will injure their own skin because of this. You may also notice your cat or dog sneeze when going outside, or when introduced to a new food.

Treatment for Allergies In Your Pet

Treatment for pet allergies is about symptom management and avoiding allergen triggers. Your veterinarian may prescribe medication for your pet to help manage symptoms, cream for any skin rash or irritation, and a cone to prevent your pet from damaging injured skin further. You may need to try several types of medication to see what works for your dog or cat. Talk with your veterinarian about how treatment can benefit your pet.

Skin Rash Treatment For Pets In San Marcos
If your pet has a skin rash, irritation, or is sneezing out of control, it's time to contact Pearson Animal Hospital and set up an evaluation. Have your pet checked for allergies so that they can get the treatment they need to heal.


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