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Good Dental Hygiene Can Protect Your Pet's Health

It’s not unusual for pet owners to overlook oral health when caring for their pet. But pet dentistry is just as important to your pet as other aspects of his healthcare. Preventative dental care at Pearson Animal Hospital in San Marcos could expand the lifespan of your pet. At the very least, it will help to have stronger, healthier teeth throughout his life. Here’s why dental hygiene is important to your pet.

Pet Dental Exams

Dental issues not only affect your pet’s teeth, but they can also compromise his health. Periodontal disease, for example, is a gum infection that can spread throughout your pet’s mouth, causing damage to his teeth and gums. Left untreated, the infection will eventually enter your pet’s blood, threatening his kidneys, liver, and heart. This disease can be detected early on during a dental exam, so your pet can get treatment before massive damage is done.

Most dental issues can be treated and resolved if detected early enough by your San Marcos veterinarian. Dental exams give your vet the opportunity to do just that.

Pet Dental Cleaning

Dental cleaning protects your pet from gum infections by removing plaque and tartar that can lead to gum infections and diseases. During a cleaning, your veterinarian from San Marcos will scale your pet’s teeth while he’s under anesthesia so he feels no discomfort or pain. By using sedation, we can do a thorough cleaning to include under the gum line where diseases are more likely to start. We’ll give your pet a fluoride treatment to protect his teeth from plaque buildup and polish his teeth as a finishing touch.

Advantages of Good Dental Hygiene

Regular oral care is the key to protecting your pet’s teeth on a long term basis. Your pet needs healthy teeth for eating, playing and personal protection. Through regular dental care, you can avoid dental issues that cause your pet pain and suffering and lead to permanent tooth loss.

For quality dental services for your beloved dog or cat, contact Pearson Animal Hospital.


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